Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet baby K

This little girl is a miracle.. I know that all babies are miracles, but this one... she truly IS a miracle! She has been waited for, prayed for and loved for a time long before she was ever born!! Isn't that like Christ's love for us.. His word says that He knows each one of our days before even one came to be.. . New babies always remind me of Christ's love for us. Pure, unconditional, whole... simple! Sweet K, welcome to the 'family'. You are loved and blessed - and so are your parents and your big sister!! Thanks Mama for allowing me the opportunity to photograph this moment in your lives.. I'm honored!!

Ryan & Jordana - Engagement

Wow, wow, wow.. how amazing are these two!!?? I am so excited to be shooting their wedding in September!! This was such a fun shoot for me - they are so easy going and fun.. we laughed a lot - until we thought we had woodticks.. GAME OVER!! UGH!! Thank goodness they were after sunset and we were pretty much finished! :) Thank you for a wonderful evening - so great to meet both of you! ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Madison - Grad

After much deliberation about the impending rain.. oh, who am I kidding.. it WAS raining.. . Madison and her friends braved the mud puddles and rain to get some fun shots together.. how awesome is that?!?! It was worth it because the sun came out and brought with it the most beautiful light!! I love the sunshine after the rain, don't you? Anyway, here is a sneak peak Miss Madison.. enjoy your Graduation on Friday - I am so proud of you!! On a side note: Madison is one of the bubbliest, sweetest, kindest and funniest people you will ever meet.. her smile in contagious and her laugh is infectious! I am sooo excited to hear about all of your new adventures next year as you travel the world!! Like I said, I am so proud of you.. know you are loved and bring joy to sooo many!! *hugs*

Joined by some GREAT friends who braved the mud and wet grass ;)

*excuse the boring watermark.. had to use a different program to edit... I'll step it up , I promise!* :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss G.

Wow, two baby girls born in our church within weeks of each other!! Here's baby #2 (check out previous post for baby #1). Miss G is the DAUGHTER of some friends of ours... (still seems strange to say that you have a baby girl!! :) ) and she is gorgeous!! Thanks for allowing me to capture a part of your lives and the lives of your kids!!
Here is a sneak peak of just a FEW of the pics we got!! Congrats again - you are blessed!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby L.

A friend of mine just gave birth to another GORGEOUS little girl!! She was so great - although, she thought she might miss something and refused to sleep :) Her big sister was such a big helper... these two will be great friends one day! Congrats R, J and A!!!
Here is Big Sister A when we took her birth announcments almost 2 years ago!!
... and here is sweet baby L...